the lil lady shot one last year and the exit wound was massive. If all I had was a 222 Remington and had to feed my family.....then I would use it. I had a 7mm-08, which is a great caliber, but sold the rifle to a young man looking for his first deer rifle. I considered the 7mm remington mag, but then was told the .280 is basically the same caliber. From Guns and Gear® Season 4, Tom Gresham discusses the .280 Remington. Although the 280 Remington was derived from the .30-06 case, it has a slightly different shoulder location and will not chamber in either .30-06 or 270 Winchester rifles. Several other ammo manufactures numbers were close to Remington's with same weight bullets. i've dropped every buck in its tracks but one and that one made it 35 yards. A Few Kind Words About the .280 Remington. thanks. The .280 Remington is a centerfire rifle cartridge. I keep bouncing between the 280 Remington and the 280 AI. They both are fairly flat shoting but the .280 is just slightly flatter. My primary rifle for all large game hunting is a 30-338 wildcat and my secondary or backup rifle is a .280 Remington. Note, however, that the 280 runs at the same pressure as the 30-06 but slightly less than the 270. I gave to my father! I could and would use either of them for deer if I wanted to! Heck, I know at least one person who went back to his 280 because it was faster, more accurate, and burned less powder that his 7mm rem. High Quality Used Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifles for Sale at I shoot a 280 Featherweight almost exclusively for deer and bear and a 160 AB over RL-22 would be hard to beat, although the 140 AB and Hndy superformance is what I go to most often and never had a bear or deer run out of eye sight before falling. In 1979 Remington - in the first of a series of puzzling PR moves - changed the name to 7mm-06 Remington. Thank you. I may bring two rifles, the other rifle is a .300WSM Thanks in advance One of those safe queens and have never done any serious load development for it. I cannot find them locally but found a supplier at a great price. If your a deer hunter using 150gr 30-06 ammo, you could use the same 150gr load in the 280 and the biggest difference would be the 30-06 shoot's it a bit faster and the 280 will penetrate a bit deeper. ALL 100 gr 110 gr 115 gr 120 gr 130 gr 139 gr 140 gr 145 gr 150 gr 154 gr 160 gr 162 gr 168 gr 175 gr. - 160s give up 175fps Take you pick - i have now switched to the 7 … The .280 Remington is essentially the .30/06 necked down to 7mm with some slight dimensional differences, the most important of these that the shoulder is moved slightly forward so the .280 will not chamber in the .270. .280 Remington - Manufacturer Loading Data. I normally hunt between 100-200 yards but want the ability to reach out and touch something as well. If you learn where the vitals are and can place your shots accurately, you will definitely have enough gun. There came a "primer shoratge" some years back and I am now using Remington 9 1/2 primers in my 280. 7039 Remington 700 CUSTOM RIFLE 280 Ackley 26 inch STAINLESS STEEL MEDIUM barrel.Jewell trigger fully adjustable, Talley Bases,McMillian stock,Decelerater pad,bores/brite/shiny.13 ... (read more) Gun #: … Okay, since I am in a "stay at home" situation, thought I would work up some loads for my Ruger 77 Tanger. If I was going to purchase a deer hunting rifle it would be the 7mm-08 and shoot a 140-150 grain bullet, would even work with youths and women. If I was going to buy a new rifle the .280 would be a caliber of interest for me. A .280 case will not chamber in a proper .270 chamber unless idiotic force is applied. Fishing. But as far as ammo to use, Good factory ammo I like are: Federal Barnes TSX bullets Winchester XP3's Remington Premier A-Frames those are my choices, and for my caliber I prefer my .300 Win Mag. My personal choice is the 280 Remington , bolt action, with a 140 or 150 grain bullet. Powder I have a 308 Win., 280 Rem., 35 Rem., 356 Win., and a 444 Mar. I would appreciate any load information available using 140's & 150's. The 444 Mar. Because the .280 can generate impressive velocities and still maintain good accuracy, it is one of our primary cartridges for 7mm production testing. I'm partial to the long actions. More The Gun Nuts ... 6 Classic Rifles for Tracking Deer . Even Remington, which currently lists 28 different models of centerfire rifles, offers only one, the Model Seven CDL, in .260. The .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, .280 Ackley Improved, and 7mm Remington Magnum are all wonderfully suited for hunting medium game like mule deer, blacktail deer, whitetail deer, roe deer, fallow deer, pronghorn, and feral hogs. By 2000, much of the popularity of the .280 Remington had once again waned. In your opinion, which caliber would you recommend for deer hunting and target shooting, and please list why. i get - inch groups with hornady 139 sst light mags. The 1st of many I predict. A .280 would do excellent. Sep 6, 2003 #2 W. whitedeer New member. I had a Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle in 280 Remington. For you 280 deer hunters, I'll be on a mule deer hunt this October in Oregon. vs. 30-06 for hunting deer & target shooting.? 280 Rem. The true strength of the .280 was its ability to utilize longer, sleek 160-162 grain bullets. helps improve accuracy by providing an efficient propellant chamber and a precise chamber-to-case fit. Given Pennsylvania laws forbidding the use of semiautomatics for hunting, initial .280 sales died in our state. Of course the 'standard' is the .308 bullet found on the 30-06. I would not even consider changing bullets for my 280 Rifle. If Rodney had been a deer hunter, he may well have chosen the .260 Rem, for, like him, it gets no respect. The .280 AI can push a 120g round about 3,200 fps (about as fast as a typical 55g .223 Rem.) Get great deals on a variety of Used Remington 700 model variations, many with scopes, bipods and slings included. If you think stepping up to a 280 will make a difference at normal hunting ranges you are fooling yourself. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. Looking to bring my .280 Remington. The big difference was the price per box with the 270 being $10 a box cheaper than the 280 for Remington… Looking to build/buy a 7mm rifle and leaning towards the 280 Remington. if anything this round is on the too powerful side. The .280 Remington, also known as the 7mm-06 Remington and 7mm Express Remington, was introduced in 1957 for the Remington model 740, 760, 721, and 725 rifles. thats from remington 280 -700 mountain rifle. Taking my 280 (24" barrle) and want to hear some recommendations on appropriate bullet in a factory load that gives good terminal performance on mulies in 300 - 400 yd shot. For deer hunters, it’s strongly recommended that you go after 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges. The 280 Remington Express Core Lokt 150gr is 2890fps & 2781 ft. pounds at muzzle. A bit bigger boiler room or bigger hole in the barrel might help in a bad angle type shot, but the 280 (either one) is one mean cartridge for it's size. Remington solved this safety issue by moving the shoulder of the .280 a bit forward. What, in your opinion would be the optimum bullet weight for the 280 as a mule deer/elk thumper? The .280 with a 140 gr Core-Lokt has approx 2797 ft-lbs muzzle energy. Bullet Type Primer. All the while I owned it thought, I wish it had the 24" barrel like the Model 70 Winchester. Looking for any input from the seasoned veterans if this is enough gun for like a Kudu,Gemsbok, Waterbuck. By David E. Petzal and Phil Bourjaily. I want a different caliber that is versatile for deer but can also be used for larger game. Never shot one, but know a guy that loves his .280. complaining you never got blood trail is real head scratcher. Goats and Coyotes with this great bullet. The .280 made its first appearance in the Model 740 semiautomatic. Shop online for top quality .280 Remington Centerfire Rifle Ammo for sale! The .280 is not a new design (appearing in wildcat form at the end of WWII) but did not become a factory round until 1957. I think the 280 is a greatly underated cartridge. Pretty sad. But that it has anything over the 30-06, I doubt. This caused understandable confusion with the wildcat 7mm-06, which will not chamber a .280 round. the 280 remington is a 30-06 case necked down to take a 7mm bullet (.284) which means it is a slight step up from the 270 winchester, which is the 30-06 necked down to take a .277 bullet. Kimber is the only other domestic rifle maker that offers it, and among the imports, Sako and Tikka. I finally found a Model 70 Classic Sporter in 270 Winchester with a … The 40-degree shoulder (10 degrees sharper than the .280 Rem.) Looking at a Thompson Center/Encore rifle in .280 Remington. But if you expect to run into big games while hunting deer, then the 7mm-08 Remington is definitely your best bet. Excellent on whitetail and mule deer, mule deer, antelope, and 175 grain for elk. Ultimately, the .280 showed an irrelevant 20-50fps gain in velocity over the .270 in barrels of equal length with 140 to 150 grain bullets. August 2, 2006. The .280 is ballistically similar to the European 7x64 Brenneke and dimensionally close to the wildcat 7mm-06. I have used the Federal 210M in my 280. Need to purchase a nice rifle to scope and use at long range for thin-skinned game this season. History. I have killed deer with a '06 and 150 gr NBT's im Minnesota for years, I recently bought a T/C Venture .280, I shot it 14 time with Fusion 140 gr ammo to dial it in at 200 with a Nikon 3-9X40 BDC, the 14th shot put an beautiful 8pt in my freezer, 200 yards offhand. I use for black bear and wild boar, the 356 Win. Mainly because I have better cartridges for deer hunting. Im using 154 Grain Hornady GMX bullet. I am 14, semi-experienced boy that is looking at a Remington Model 700 XCR II in either a 280 Rem or a 30-06. 2-280 AI rem 700 harts 26" etc 140s nosler or Sierra at 3140fps shoot .300-.400 all day - 160s give up about 150fps 7-08Ai rem 700 hart 24" etc 140s nosler or sierra at 3023fps shoots .300-.400 no sweat. Headed on my first plains game hunt in May. The 25-06 with a 120gr Core-Lokt has 2382 ft-lbs muzzle energy. and a 175g round about 2,700 fps (just 100 fps shy of the 7mm Weatherby Mag.). Only 2-3 hundred fps down from a 7 stw. Having been released 32 years after the .270 Winchester, it had somewhat unspectacular sales. I have killed Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Whitetailed Deer, Mt. I have a Remington .280. Even with a few name changes, this cartridge is still one of the best around. Our verdict for this 6.5 Creedmoor vs. 7mm 08 Remington review is that they’re both highly capable bullets that pack a punch. Any thoughts/opinions on this rifle/caliber combination. I loved that rifle and killed a lot of elk, deer, and antelope with it. 140 grain .280 Rem - 1897.9 140 grain 7mm-08 - 1504.4 Deer will not notice the difference.

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