Byggvesta owns apartment buildings in Uppsala that everyone can apply for. The nations are great places to socialize and meet both international and Swedish students. So keep that in mind when you choose which nation, or what nations, you will join. They offer some housing opportunities, as well as libraries with course literature. You need to be an "active" student (what "active" student means can vary from nation to nation, but normally this means that you should study fulltime at Uppsala University or SLU). Please note that even if a membership in one of Uppsala's nations grants you access to all … Can you help me understand the scholarship scenario ? Have student housing in Lilla Sunnersta and on Gustaf Kellbergs väg. I am looking for a flat or a room to share. More detailed information about the nations' housing and their queueing system can be found at Nationsgårdarna. To make it easier for students to find moderately priced housing, special student rooms and student apartments have been built by the student nations and student unions. 070-090 86 73 To live in the nations' housing you need to fullfill two main criteria: 1. The accommodation is located at Sturegatan. You can reach Uppsala from Heby both by bus and by train. Especially the student nations. The rooms have shared bathroom facilities. Visit Uppsala housing … There is also a shared kitchen at guests' use. Otherwise, there are still for example Heimstaden and Studentboet, which offer student accommodation. At a nation, you can have a coffee and read the newspapers from your home town, study, borrow books from the nation’s library, or play and sing in one of the many student choirs and orchestras. For some nations, you are able to register for the housing queue before you have gotten a membership with a nation. I'm going to start Masters in Embedded Systems this September in UU. The application rules and other contract details can differ from nation to nation. Siftelsen nykterhetsvännernas studenthem offers student housing at Sturegatan. Some nations have a large number of housing and others have a small stock. Via V-Dala student nation Uppsala University Housing Office has nine rooms, located in different parts of Uppsala. Uppsala Lägenhetshotell is an apartment hotel situated in Luthagen; one of the most peaceful areas of Uppsala, only a 15-minute walk from the city centre. Theology students that study for clergy in the Church of Sweden will be prioritized. This is a non-alcoholic accommodation and students that are active abstainers are prioritized. Like many housing … If you are sent there try to discuss it with your coordinator. Stiftelsen Ultuna studentbostäder offers housing to students at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. In recent semesters, Snerikes (Södermanland-Nerikes) nation, Västmanlands-Dala nation, Uplands nation, Gästrike-Hälsinge nation and Gotlands nation have had a tendency to have shorter queueing times than the other nations. Uppsala Bostadsförmedling is a part of Uppsala municipality and mediates first hand contracts for student apartments from Studentstaden and Rikshem, two of Uppsala's largest student landlords. The Student Nations. Uppsala’s oldest nation house houses one of Uppsala’s oldest nations. Founded in 1477 Uppsala University (Uppsala Universitet) has a remarkable history – educator of Swedish royalty, 8 Nobel Prize winners, an astounding array of alumni including scientists, politicians, poets etc. Student nations in Uppsala Uppsala also has 13 student nations, which for many students become a second home during the study period. They have corridor rooms as well as student apartments. Studentboet is a part of the network Studentstä, Genom att klicka på knappen godkänner du villkoren, International guest researchers and students. So, it is a good idea to join all housing queues, both conventional and nation ones. Västmanlands-Dala nation, Kalmar nation and Gotlands nation. Application: Housing distribution takes place at the nation once a month. Application: You submit an application once every semester to the housing curator. There is no queueing system, instead you can send an application to their e-mail: Rikshem have student housing at Kantorsgatan and on Eklundshovsvägen. More information: Gotland’s Student Union Rindi Address: Tage Cervins gata 1 Ph. In general the queueing time is shorter in the nations' housing queues than in the queues of conventional housing companies. 6. Rent your place online and feel at home all over the world with HousingAnywhere. Here you find a rich cultural life, a welcoming atmosphere and many opportunities to enjoy good food and drink. Uppsala Bostadsförmedling Through the communal housing queue administered by Uppsala municipality (Uppsala Bostadsförmedling) you can apply for student housing. We offer accommodation to all Fee Paying Master Students at Uppsala University from non EU/EES-countries, who must pay tuition fee for their studies at Universities in Sweden. 0498-299 905 Or what about writing for the nation’s … If you want to become a member of a nation or learn more about what activities they offer, please visit Valsätra is within biking distance from SLU and have good bus communications. The Swedish Public Health Agency, in consultation with the infection control doctor in Uppsala region, has made the decision to tighten the general guidelines that apply to Uppsala and will enter into force on Tuesday 20 October. I will be staying here till January (…) I am happy to rent something for short-term as well. Guest researchers We offer apartments to Guest Researchers, Staff, PhD and other international guests with an assignment at Uppsala University. However it is also true that new traditions are created all the time by the 35 000 students who have decided to become part of the nations. I've tried to find some information on the housings in Ekebyvagen but i don't have any other than that lots of exchange international students? Husman AB offers apartments in communities in all of northern Uppland. You do not need a Swedish personal number to register. A list of the nations (with links) can be found here deals with matters concerning the nation's homes under the following telephone and visiting hours. Ansgarsgården has student housing at Studentvägen. You have to be a member of the nation that owns the housing. If you're interested you put your name and information on posted lists at the nation. To be able to live in a nation's housing, you need to be a member of the nation that owns the housing. For some of the nations' housing, especially the corridor rooms, you only have to pay rent 10 months a year, normally June and July are rent free. Send in an application if you're interested in this housing. Student nations. You can reach Uppsala from Gimo by bus in 30 minutes and from Österbybruk in 60 minutes. Hey! The sooner you register, the bigger your chances are of getting an apartment. Scholarship from the Uppsala Student Nations and Ekeby housing query. At Nationsgårdarna you will find information about all nations' housing and can also register in the housing queue for eight of Uppsala's student nation housing. Law students’ Association in Uppsala Address: Övre Slottsgatan 3 Ph. However, the student housing is insufficient to accommodate all students. Wednesdays: 11:30-13:30 Students that are active members of the Church of Sweden will be prioritized. The accommodation is situated respectively 25, 35 and 45 km from Uppsala. Please note that even if a membership in one of Uppsala's nations grants you access to all nations' activities, you can only apply for housing in your specific nation. Submit an application (to be found at the nation's webpage). Bonjour, je vais effectuer un stage de 10 semaines à l'université d'Uppsala (7 juin - 17 août 2014) et je cherche donc à me loger pendant cette période. If you're offered to sign a contract there is an additional administration fee of 625 SEK. The annual fee to enter this queue is 305 SEK. Roslagsbostäder offers housing in Hallstavik among other communities. Here you find a rich cultural life, a welcoming atmosphere and many opportunities to enjoy good food and drink. Östhammarshem offers student housing in Österbybruk and Gimo. Your accumulated queueing time can be used to search for other types of rental apartments within the Uppsala region, both during and after your study period. Application: When a vacant housing is available, it will be posted on the nation. However, most have merged and formed a common housing queue, Uppsala’s housing agency, which costs 290SEK per year. The rent for a corridor room is between 2500 and 3500 SEK. This will affect how fast you can get housing from the nation you choose. Uppsala Municipality also contains the Uppsala countryside. They know that there is much more to Uppsala than lecture halls, and exams. Uppsala's 13 nations (student associations) own their own housing. Sudent accomodation in Uppsala is very good but some campuses are a bit far. Tierpsbyggen offers apartments in Tierp. Stiftelsen Waldenströmska studenthemmet have about 150 corridor rooms and a few apartments. I would avoid living in Polacksbacken for instance. More detailed information about the nations' housing and their queueing system can be found at Nationsgårdarna. Uppsala ou Uppsal (en français) est l'une des meilleures villes étudiantes! More information:, Area: Centralt: Rundelsgränd, Rackarnäbbet, More information: Hebygårdar AB offers apartments in Vittinge, Morgongåva and Heby. Some nations have an electronic application system and some have a more manual way of managing the queueing, which means that you need to visit the nation to be able to sign up for the housing queue. An additional tip is to look for second-hand accommodation on Blocket or similar pages! Uppsala's 13 nations (student associations) own their own housing. TIA! More information:, More information: /, Area: City (nation house), Rackarberget, Vaksala torg. Modern yet historic; traditional yet innovative. In which nations can you get in a housing queue even before you have gotten a nation membership? If you might know of something I would be so grateful if you could let me know please. Area: Triangeln, Svartman, Observatoriet, Majklockan. Norrbyska studenthemmet offers student housing at S:t Johannesgatan. Je suis une fille (21 ans) organisée, toujours de bonne humeur et qui aime profiter de la … The queueing time is affected by the size of the housing stock of the nation and also by the amount of students that finish their studies that particular semester and thus move somewhere else. Address: Svartmangatan 16, 1st floor. The nation's housing foundation will do regular inspections to check that you fullfill the requirements, so make sure you know what terms are stated in your contract. The Uppsala University Housing Office offers housing for formal exchange students, fee paying Masters students from non-EU/EES countries, as well as guest researchers, staff, PhD students and other international guests with an assignment to Uppsala University. 1 talking about this. Members of V-Dala Nation are eligible for housing through Västmanlands-Dala Nation’s student housing foundation (Västmanlands-Dala nations studentbostäders bostadsstiftelse, “Stiftelsen”). The nations offer many types of housing, e. g. corridor rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, smaller apartments and bigger apartments for families and for friends sharing. A quoi ressemble la vie étudiante à Uppsala? A few of them have a number of apartments they rent out to their members, so once you get to Uppsala … It’s true that here in Uppsala we are often reminded of old student traditions. However it is also an innovative research-led institution in the world regularly ranked in the world’s top 100 universities.Read More D. Carnegie offers student housing in Valsätra, 6 km south of Uppsala. Hi all, I have recently moved to Uppsala to complete my PhD and am having a terribly hard time finding accommodation here. Other than the student nations, there are several housing queues you can join. Phone: 018-12 80 70 ; Carl Larssons café. Every start of the semester they open for new students to join and for the old students to change nations or still be in the same. Expérience Erasmus à Uppsala, Suède par Mirka. 2. Rent rooms and apartments from people in Uppsala from EUR 200/month. You will need to visit the website of each of the nations (there are 13) and find information about their housing. You can reach Uppsala by train from Tierp in about 30 minutes. The rent for the apartments vary due to size and age. Normally the nation housing foundations aim to keep the rents on a low level for all students to afford. Most of Heimstaden's student housing is situated in Flogsta. SLU students that are members of the SLU student union are prioritized. List of student nations at Uppsala University in Sweden.The tradition of nations at the university is practically as old as the university itself. Klangen offers student housing in a nice house in central Uppsala. Because of the small number of rooms, the chance of getting a room at V-Dala Nation is quite small compared with other housing areas. The organizations were called 'Landskap' and their meetings were called 'Conventus Nationales'. Because the nations operate independently, there is no central place where you can apply for housing. Uppsala is located along- and separated by- the Fyris River, which flows into lake Mälaren, which is in turn connected to the Baltic sea. Read more about accommodation on each of the nations' websites, and take this into consideration when choosing which nation to join. The list is always sorted in accordance with a time-honoured order based on the age of the diocese of the area that the nation was named after. Uppsala University is one of the top employers in this part of Sweden with around 8,500 members of staff in total. Students that are active members of a free-church congregation will be prioritized, but all students are welcome. A general description about the nations' housing can be found at their common site, The student nations were established in the 17th century and ever since have served as a second home for Uppsala University students. Rikshem and Studentstaden are the largest providers of student accommodation in Uppsala and all of their housing is applied for through this site. You can also go to the nation’s pubs or dance at the nation’s clubs. At V-Dala we offer 6 corridor rooms, 2 studio apartments and 1 double room. Uppsala ou Upsal en français [1], est une ville de Suède située à 70 kilomètres au nord de Stockholm, en Uppland, célèbre pour sa prestigieuse universit é, la plus ancienne de Scandinavie. Uppsalas student nations own about a third of all student housing in Uppsala. If you want to become a member of a nation or learn more about what activities they offer, please visit You need to be present at the nation at the day of the distribution of the housing or send an authorized representative. Eklundshofs fastigheter have student housing on Eklundshofsvägen. Some accommodation is located quite close to Uppsala and some a bit further away. Here in Uppsala the students joined together in the 'nations', depending on the diocese and the landscape they belonged, they were the most often from the same high school.

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