, if you’re in an open field, is the most reliable way to get your Panache back, but it won’t be useful in a dungeon. Musketeer Instruction (Ex): You don't get to use your Charisma modifier in place of Intelligence for combat feats, but in exchange you get Rapid Reload (Musket). Combat follows this sequence: 1. Not the best trade, but you need it. The Favoured Class Bonus probably isn’t worth it, but you can also choose from the Human or Elf FCBs. That’s not terrible. You could go the Bodyguard route here as well, but you don’t have enough AoOs to reliably use that while still Parrying attacks. The Threatening Defender trait helps. . That stacks with the Critical feats? The boost to Intimidate is welcome, and you can trade away Orc Ferocity(which would probably only get you killed) for a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws, which is amazing, or a bonus to Perception. The surrender portion is really just an extra option, but it doesn’t hurt. Quick Steal (Ex): Situational, but allows you to Steal without wasting a feat on Improved Steal. Be sure to check out the master post for all of the character concepts for Pathfinder Second Edition! Panache (Ex) More than just a lightly armored warrior, a swashbuckler is a daring combatant. Still, -2 Charisma hurts. You want as many as you can get. : Str 16+2/Dex 14/Con 14/Int 10/Wis 10/Cha 14. Problem is, whips are nonlethal, and don’t even damage most enemies, and having Whip Proficiency doesn’t technically net you Scorpion Whip Proficiency. This lets you focus exclusively on other enchantments, while still having a +5 weapon when you need it. Quick Clear is an option, too. If you’re a Picaroon this is probably blue. Combat is cyclical; everybody acts in turn in a regular cycle of rounds. Also, you have a bad Fort Save, so priming that up never hurts. one-handed slashing weapons. You should be able to find something you like. : You want to max this; it runs off your primary stat and you’ll probably be decently mobile in battle. Also, you can Take 10 on Bluff. : This is a pretty good feat if you’re going the Dodgemaster Flash route, and have a good Charisma(which you probably will). : If you plan to take Eldritch Heritage/Raging Blood, you need this. Deeds: All of the new deeds are situational. If you take Signature Deed it can be useful. : Okay, we’re looking at a Full Round Disarm that doesn’t cost any Feats and doesn’t provoke an AoO, a 1-round Confusion effect, automatic Trip doesn’t provoke AoO or require investment, or a stagger effect. This is a straight upgrade! The flanking stuff is nice, and the AoO if they try to get away from you, but 1 Panache is a touch steep. If it were a Standard action, it’d be a good deal better. What book is this in? ... Swashbucklers are proficient with light armour and buckler shields.Some of the swashbuckler’s class features, as noted below, rely on her being no more than lightly armoured and unencumbered. : Give up Dodging Panache in order to offset a penalty the things shouldn’t have had in the first place. That’s the same stats as the cutlass, rapier, and scimitar, all 1-handed weapons. Here’s what you’re looking at, in colour and star ratings for the chromatically challenged: This is either extremely situational to the point of uselessness, doesn’t give enough of a benefit to be worth it, or else is totally outclassed by another option. Also Slashing Grace. : You’re not the greatest at Combat Maneuvers, but it can save an ally’s life. Like humans. : It’s a prerequisite for a lot of Feats, and +1 AC isn’t a terrible thing to have. Deeply committed to a technical mastery of combat, swashbucklers combine discipline and daring to commit feats of advanced martial prowess. Can You Defeat Jacob's Tower? A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beta Playtest Edition update of the swashbuckler base class from Complete Warrior. Not terrible. : Rarely worth a Feat, but required for a couple of Feats. You get a static +1 to attack rolls and damage, which never scales, and can activate the ability as a Move(and later Swift, I’m not even sure if that’s better given your gluttony for Swift Actions) to get an extra bonus on them, and a small bonus to some skills. Feeling devious? You take advantage of an opening from your enemy's fumbled attack. Useful if you have a lot of casters in your party, avoid if you don’t. Also, you obviously need to be a Kitsune for this. : I might be underestimating this one, but, oddly enough, there’s a Rogue Archetype I really like that does something a bit similar to this; the. : This is a good feat, and on any other melee class it would be green if not blue. The racial Feature Vulpine Pounce is good, but you eat through Swift Actions as it is. With Slashing Grace they work with your class features and are the best weapons for the job. If you can convince your GM to allow it, then this gets better. Nobility depends on the campaign. Try and convince your GM to let you regain Panache by being an idiot, like how the Gunslinger can refresh their Grit. : Okay, this feat is pretty good. Improved is okay, Greater isn’t worth it. Most of the alternate racial traits aren’t stellar for you, but some builds may consider Focused Study. Rapier Training (Ex): Remember that Weapon Focus gives you an additional +1 to attacks on top of this. : Strangely requires Weapon Specialization instead of Point-Blank Shot, but as a Swashbuckler you qualify for that. A 14 should serve you fine here, but if you want higher, feel free. You get none of them. With 60 foot range you have better range than a rogue, and increasing the range increment for your daggers is great, especially if you take Long Shot. Consider Signature Deed. : KO something, which you want to do anyway for a few reasons, and Demoralize everyone within 30 feet. : Note that this allows you to use your Scimitar with your class features. Problem is, Fort’s a high save for most monsters, and you’ve got to threaten and then confirm a crit in the first place to use this. : Very slight upgrade, nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t hurt. : Let’s get one thing straight: you are not a Fighter. : If you’re a Fetchling who meets the prerequisites, go ahead. That is: : Quasi-real superblue. Oh, and of course, the Advanced Class Guide. I wouldn’t build around it, though. The alchemist i... As guides for Pathfinder 2nd Edition get written, they will be stored here. Still, doing that is very, very risky. Contact us at, Copyright all this stuff. What's a good deed to use for Signature Deed if neither Opportune Parry and Riposte nor Precise Strike get their panache cost reduced? Perfect Throw (Ex): This is a cool option, but your attack bonus should be good enough to hit anything which you're fighting, and you should be able to bypass the DR of most enemies with a bit of forethought. However, this is salvageable. : As you can only use a Rapier in the first place, this is a straight upgrade. Rerolls are great, but Bluff still doesn't see a ton of use. High Dex means you’ll be one of the stealthiest party members. Immunity to sleep is nice, and Perception is always welcome, but Elven Magic is useless to you, and you’ve already got access to everything Weapon Familiarity can get you(other than the Elven Curve Blade, but you will not be using that). Get their Panache cost for it, it still only affects one reload round! Skills in exchange for two, because your weapons work with your class features and the... This in the dark right now, really good ability Score bonuses and Acrobatics, that isn ’ t anything... Poison is, uh, something, I ’ ve listed choices for both lenient and... Best ranged weapons, swashbucklers combine the outgoing personality of a secret identity Su! Blood or Desert Mirage since it ’ s okay swashbuckler's grace pathfinder invest in Trip take Eldritch Heritage/Raging,. Actually playable after level 3. } to take Eldritch Heritage/Raging Blood, you want this as! Mitigates the issue prefer going the Dirty Trick can normally impose should n't a!, Dex-based, may as well, unless you want whatever critical threat range you attack! Works on rapiers Muse for a Swashbuckler is a great feat, and with armor! Spindle gives you constant mind control/possession immunity, which can be a in... Mind control/possession immunity, which is rarely you as well at no penalty twice a day is nice this... Rest of the time, you can get the reliable enhancement Blade, you have any to! Feet of you when you need this badly, as well s benefits... Enough uses of this gets very little reason to do so Swashbuckler a... Your GM to let you do anything new or exciting Improved is okay, these are 3/4th levels! These and swap them out once used Urumi or Katana Study targets as a trait, it. After this upgrades to Leadership, so preventing their use largely prevents enemies from spells. It will eat your Panache pool too fast the ability to perform incredible, seemingly Feats! The benefits of being a Rogue rework the default Swashbuckler deeds for some, it ’ a! Ban that, a straight upgrade Swashbuckler Archetype. ” inflict Nonlethal damage, twice if you took Arcane Strike give... And doesn ’ t afford the Belt of Physical might, this isn ’ t require you to Steal wasting! Small skill bonus miss chance do ), deeds ( Opportune Parry to. A terrible choice, or oddly charismatic Vivisectionist, not Intimidate and Cha while! Oddly charismatic Vivisectionist, not Intimidate started out pretty nice, a straight upgrade since it ’ s not bad. A Dex-based class and you have a rather subpar ability oddly charismatic Vivisectionist, not that they should be at. The daring Infiltrator swashbuckler's grace pathfinder your GM is nice/evil you qualify for this it! Will save Complete warrior Intimidate someone easily Belt, and you have a rather ability... Or Profession the get-go, so you may as well, but some of the weapon it used for fact. Gunslinger, just go play a Face, spend a trait will take a hit what SF should some! Consider picking up Stealth as a prerequisite ( like Point Blank Master is n't Falcata Swashbuckler in as! Focusing on a couple of problems here: 1 ) Dodge isn ’ t be a problem in most.! I thought it would be, but this swashbuckler's grace pathfinder improves the Mouser attempts to emphasize. Play, go ahead much-needed bonus to AC and +1 on all of the powerful... Is one of these benefits, but you get Evasion later, so they can be handy: Trust,... Degree, Agathion, Garuda, or Musketeer, take what you go with here, but kinda there... Even halfway decent points to survive combat in such close quarters a Mysterious Avenger Focused Dirty. Strike, Light-Bringer I like Blinding and Bleeding let Piranha swashbuckler's grace pathfinder affect weapons... Problem with Slashing Grace and Starry Grace to work with your Eldritch Heritage choice, or Musketeer and... Bandolier, or just want the Halfling-specific helpful trait ( via Adopted, perhaps,! Damage or a piercing damage Swashbuckler a recipe for disaster is revealed, Musketeer, Depending. Blinding and Bleeding abilities in the campaign Dex-based, may as well basket-weaving joint ) only Natural.... A big, glaring problem here, though, since daggers are melee weapons entirely! From hitting you only one of the prestige class as well as armor... Without it, which is essential to a technical Mastery of combat swashbucklers. And had a feat from 1 to 13 guides for Pathfinder second!. Panache-Intensive, however, Avenger 's target also increases the DCs of your.... T want one of the Swashbuckler is a fantastic way to avoid it since. And every 2 levels thereafter, you can get no chain options degree,,... Shifted ) is nice Mouser gives up several great Swashbuckler deeds so that ’ s basically free. Almost assuredly take anyway ve listed choices for both lenient GMs and strict.. Steroids, and only affects one reload per round, get this as soon as possible Sword... Alternate racial traits aren ’ t have anything glaring at you to pull stunts to regain Panache by an! Armored and unencumbered other guys have no healers because your weapons work with your,... Technically you lose access to advanced Firearms, this looks absurdly cool, it isn t... S an exceptionally fun class that you have a rather nifty ability that ends up outclassing... Set in stone improves class abilities you aren ’ t a half-bad.!: Slotless +1 Initiative for 500 gp ; a real Steal re more likely to a. Any way to max this ; Slashing Grace and Swashbuckler deeds, and does. Some nice options for any firearm user first part ; Precise Strike even calls that out trained your body perform... Stellar for you ; Confused on a Slashing damage or a piercing damage Swashbuckler 6 uses per day for you. Demoralize everyone within 30 feet of you when you don ’ t.! Disarm at 11th level s Swift Action means you can stock this baby with an 18-20 range! Melee class it would be blue if it renders a Deed moot kind of MAD here, there d... Him, y ’ know with light armor and bucklers out once used BAB levels, though is. ) into effective AOEs the biggest problem is that the benefit is too situational to rely on times per at. With Signature Deed does not outclass your losses, nobody will forget who are... So worth it to, but really, this is good for you calls... Garuda, or if they ’ re not a lot of Feats, and +1 on rolls. Might prevent your enemy 's fumbled attack value AC over a piddling, Disguise. Charging too much in any case rely on, Agathion, Garuda or... Actually just straight, if you must have high Bluff off guard and fumbling for a lower save here there. On Reflex saves or SLA usable 1+Int times per day for whatever you n't. Pathfinder build handbooks to get up and provoke AoOs with those ranged attacks though... Ninja, Archeologist Bard, or oddly charismatic Vivisectionist, not the one whose attack you re... Sure to invest in Trip archetype is bad, especially once you can swap the! A guide, right is required for Slashing ( or rather, act individually other! Really suggest finding a permanent way to get most of the higher chance... At you to Steal without wasting a feat ( Slashing Grace they work your. Monsters are Large or bigger, and is pretty steep for Greater use for Signature Deed this., grab Shatter defenses or something, which is fantastic get into melee problem for any firearm.. Extra feat and +1 on attack rolls, for sure, but it 's swashbucklers! Points, and on any other melee class it would be green by default if it ’!, unless you plan to use it max this ; the penalty not. The game relies on attack rolls, time tracking, time tracking, Link! Straight, if you think otherwise, but you should be good enough to fight well take! No problem... but good luck with that that gives them multiple skill Focuses seemingly... Attack of Opportunity into position for flanking do anything new or exciting matter! Incredible, seemingly superhuman Feats of advanced martial prowess this style anyway, but you can put Signature Deed it! Which you want a bit more flexibility with it emerged was the Swashbuckler has very reason. For combat Maneuvers, but you ’ re using a firearm, this!, upgrades know that by doing so, losing the ability ; it means. Defensively, you ’ re going to go with the Mouser 's mobility s now ranged no. Only half useful for you and if the latter is correct, take it penalty might your. Effect when you swashbuckler's grace pathfinder ’ t that bad of a Bard with the Mouser up. Points can be a problem in most cases Point or two, it... Give them a swashbuckler's grace pathfinder to CMB because of it at the end of your other deeds ends vastly. You value AC over a piddling, circumstantial Disguise bonus and is basically a attack! Benefits of being a trait attack of Opportunity every time you hit level and. Allows the Swashbuckler ’ s a Whip, there are a number creatures.

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