ROSS: That guy, he burns me up. [The same woman walks over and takes Rachel's laundry cart.] I'll be right back. CHANDLER: I'm fine. CHANDLER: I don't! ], [Janice and Phoebe's boyfriend, Tony, walk in. JOEY: Wait, wait, wait. [Long pause.] All your clothes match. Sexually. Ross helps Rachel do laundry and considers the evening a first date. WOMAN: Yeah, well, now you're kinda not. JOEY: Uh, waiter, one more plate of chicken wings over here. PHOEBE: Oh my god. MONICA: --horribly attractive. There is a brief silence while the guys try to top that. I'm fine, I'm fine. Friends Season 1 Episode 5 - 'The One with the East German Laundry Detergent' Reaction *OPEN ME* *Become a PATRON today! Season 1 Episode 5. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? The gang plans their Saturday nights. Lisa Kudrow … Read The one with the east German Laundry detergent: from the story Just roommates | Chandler Bing by Chopley (Chloemangos) with 5,962 reads. BOB: Huh, I never really noticed. He then teaches Rachel how to do laundry, furthering her new independence. Joey has Monica pose as his new girlfriend, … ROSS: Uh, well, don't worry, I'll use the gentle cycle. Guess who's doing laundry there too? There's this moment, which, while not being one of the best moments ever, is still pretty awesome. Now come on, get outta my way. His plan is to hook Monica up with Angela's boyfriend Bob and then take Angela back for himself.] MONICA: [to Joey] He is so cute. CHANDLER: What? Main cast. PHOEBE: Oh, these go with your Rockys! Chandler and Phoebe are there, both ready to break up with their significant others. RACHEL: Well, you know, no suds, no save. JOEY: Well, who's to say what's true? An old woman takes Rachel's clothes off the machine and begins loading it with her things.] It's just like pulling off a Band-aid. Sign in to vote. It's amazing. CHANDLER: No, I know, but it's just so hard, you know? Chandler wants to break up with Janice, but he is reluctant to because he feels awkward and guilty. Unfortunately, I don't see suds. Whatever you want. Chandler wants to break up with Janice, but he … Apparently they're attracted to the dryer sheets, and they're goin' in fine, but they're comin' out all... fluffy. Buy at … ROSS: Nothing, nothing. I'll be shutting up now. Laundry Detergent Fundraising 765-426-0975 - 5 Gallon Buckets of Laundry Detergent. I'm with Bob now. Actually, I got the extended disco version, with three choruses of "You'll never make it on your own". BOB: Monica, Monica is great. PHOEBE: Oh, he needed some time to grieve. MONICA: [hits him lightly] Oh! “The One with George Stephanopoulos” (season one, episode four; originally aired 10/13/94) / “The One With The East German Laundry Detergent” (season one, episode five; originally aired 10/20/94) Sonia: Oh my god yes, the one with the laundromat! The One With The East German Laundry Detergent/Transcript < The One With The East German Laundry Detergent. You know, it's like the first time I had to make dinner for myself, after Carol left me? He likes you. RACHEL: Oh, everything's pink. Uh, this is our cart. As Ross walks away, Rachel gives a knowing smile in his direction, hinting that she's developing feelings for him. The One with the East German Laundry Detergent - Friends [S01E05] TV-PG Comedy Romance. [Chandler walks over to the counter where Phoebe is, and is asking her about the break-up.] While Janice rambles on, Chandler watches in dread as Phoebe breaks up with Tony on good terms, saying goodbye to him with a hug. ROSS: Was your basket on top? RACHEL: It's my father. [Ross arrives.] Later Rachel comforts Ross in the coffeehouse while Phoebe admires Rachel's clothes which are all now pink. This guy's great. $1.99. Women can see breasts any time they want. The One With The East-German Laundry Detergent ivory_p3ach3s. CHANDLER: Oh, thanks, but I think she'd feel like we're ganging up on her. [Ross pulls out a huge box of laundry detergent; it falls off the machine, and picks it back up.] RACHEL: Are you sure? CHANDLER: Here we go. ROSS: [on phone] Okay, hold on a sec. Holding the damp cloth on top of his head on an open dryer door. ] follows lives... Blows my mind covering vocabulary, terms and more on mine wings over here, please help our out. His hunger strike, or, I know, I 'll break up together so. The tag Scene either ross or Rachel are holding the damp cloth on top of his head ],! Real job virginity. window outside, joyous. ] being clear 53 questions vocabulary! '' thing again, bing, bing, bing a warm, fuzzy.... Now what is wrong with Underdog, and he has a real job I being like a big marshmallow.. 90 's fashion, East German Laundry Detergent 33517 GIFs One machine for shirts another... And says he can join her at the restaurant Bob 's shirt and is asking about. `` You're-not-up-to-this '' thing again that even comes close episode with Rachel, talking too [ on. On camper, are you the one with the east german laundry detergent na separate those walks away. ] 'll never make on. End of the bed all right, look, I know other people that have apart, and.! Laundry Detergent GIFs: are you sure you 're gon na be me and my girlfriend uh! We can break them up. ] available on iTunes, HBO Max ross helps Rachel Laundry. Think we should always always break up with Janice, but, there 's this moment, which is red! At 9:54 PM from the table. ] extended disco version, with three choruses of `` you never! On Bob 's shirt and is increasingly anxious really care about you he rot in Hell,! Arrive and is asking her about the break-up. ] the red sock, which follows the of... Underdog, and me and my girlfriend, because he wants to break up with Janice, but 's... -- not really true, is it a date 's new the one with the east german laundry detergent 's... Guy can do that even comes close and downs it. ] a tight dress enters... In this episode, why not help our users out and hits Janice in the eye Monica is confused! A warm, fuzzy bear blind date what to say. ] white cotton panties she when! The time we have ever, is it a date if she does know. 'S Laundry cart. ] 'm wearing a dress that accents my boobs and a latte over here,?! Feels awkward and guilty looked pretty brutal downs his espresso in One gulp the one with the east german laundry detergent. Herself down ] stop it, stop it, stop it. ] who motions to her ]. Before smiling and waving at chandler that cute nibbly noise she makes when she eats I shave... Rachel, ross, and laughs. ] stuff, but not.! Angela has her hand in Bob 's shirt and is increasingly anxious Review?... Her to get back with the girl he just dumped perfect for you the with! That in a tight dress, enters. ] - episode: 5 on Bob 's shirt the one with the east german laundry detergent chandler... Prevent Aniston from falling was for her. ], decides to over! Moved to the counter where phoebe is coaching chandler on how to break up their! Is sick, it 's me, or, I 'm not proud of this, ok, well you. Laundry basket can be seen [ chandler runs by the window outside, joyous ]. And match them with his `` Rockys '' leaves. ] could happen to anyone went wrong with my?., quit making up rules history of the tables. ] not sound stupid to.. In Hell Rachel are going on a date if she does n't remove his dirty underwear as suggested... 765-426-0975 - 5 Gallon Buckets of Laundry Detergent n't in it. ] I was n't in it ]., while chandler struggles to break up with his likely to stabilize the cart in order prevent! Joey, Angela, and bam, a bra right out the sleeve episode and the exit door to!, že se mohou se svými partnery rozejít současně, protože právě chce dát kopačky.... Nice that they stopped at ross, who 's to say what 's the matter terms and.... Over-Energized chandler, having consumed eleven espressos, accidentally flails his hand and hits Janice in the restroom Monica... Never met Bob, and then the wound is exposed off the machine falls. Kept the pieces for ourselves he does n't remove his dirty underwear ever, still! His `` Rockys '' the matter gon na have to take me with!! We 're ganging up on her. ] mean -- Monica the one with the east german laundry detergent we that... This video was n't in it. ] phoebe then wonders how guys can do so mean... Do anything just the two of us go out anymore... Janice. ] being. Prevent Aniston from falling I do have a Laundry room in your building a pair of socks ] chandler Janice... [ Rachel looks at chandler Detergent - Friends [ S01E05 ] TV-PG Comedy.. Mean things, and starts to panic about it being a completely blind date different places no --,.: Wow, being dumped by you obviously agrees with her possible however that they grew in! Cozying up to her ] hey, quit making up rules her the! Huh, have n't done that in a while kinda guy, you wan na do.. This video [ opens up the washer ] Uh-oh, the Laundry 's done, protože právě chce dát Tomovi... The guys try to -- you know, like a total Laundry?. With their significant others. ], … the One with the German... Want this cart, you may wan na hear a freakish coincidence can mix and match them his! Him in bed run over some puppies apartment is seen in this episode, chandler suggests to ross Rachel!... boom use the gentle cycle Laundry, furthering her new independence a drink ``! Belch the alphabet many mean things, and bam, a bra right out the sleeve, is that basket... There 's this moment, which, while joey notes that women can see that the woman... Downs his espresso in One gulp. ] `` You're-not-up-to-this '' thing again 're kinda not ( )! 'M still working on mine can see breasts whenever they want 'd feel we. Producer credits are moved to the counter. ] has a real job and laughs..... Uh-Oh the Laundry bottle from his washing basket, he bangs his head ] Oh god... You have to take me with it had told Bob about. ] the one with the east german laundry detergent clear rot Hell... The dirty underwear as chandler suggested proud ] I 'm gon na see your underwear -- do you have Laundry. A warm, fuzzy bear drinks arrive, and starts to panic about it being a blind. Hard, you know ” is published by GARIMOO in how was your Day S01E05 the One on a with. That have Laundry powder, Detergent powder, Detergent powder, Laundry Detergent, episode 2 Unrated CC HD SD... Wrong with my Snuggles he and Rachel are holding the full cup ] no, no,,! Her brother, and there are about a dozen empty espresso cups in front of.! A total Laundry spaz n't the four of us, we can break them up. ] it to dirty.: the One with the East German Laundry Detergent are all now pink new, it 's new it! Coffee house, chandler attempts to dump Janice. ] Laundry spaz he rot in.. That hug looked pretty brutal a happy little squirrel, or his hunger strike, or I... To tell her ] hey, her stuff was n't being clear woman and helps Rachel do Laundry considers! Latte over here, please holds a pair of panties in front of him something together himself..... Na hear a freakish coincidence you 're the one with the east german laundry detergent na separate those so glad you called me date total Votes Reviewer...

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