You don’t have to spray a ton of water on the leaves, but you can add a bit to increase the humidity on and around the plant. In this section, we look at how to resolve common problems plant owners face when growing medallion plants. Like all stress factors, it can produce yellowing. Fill the new container one-third full with fresh potting soil. link to JBL Speaker Won’t Charge or Stay Charged, link to GE Microwave Door Won’t Open or Won’t Close. If you find that one or more leaves are dying, you can clip the leaves. The leaves might turn brown or black, and the color may appear on the entire leaf or just the tips. Your bathroom or kitchen are perfect spots for this plant because these areas tend to be more humid. Depending on the time of year, set a watering schedule of about once a week. For a lot of plants, droopy leaves are a massive issue. You can also group houseplants so that there is enough moisture in the air. Thorough watering after the soil has partly dried nourishes roots without making the soil too soggy. Repotting this way prevents the calathea from growing larger and gives roots enough room. Signs that a calathea is dying are drooping leaves, yellowing or browning leaves, poor growth, or curling leaves. So, check for signs of pests, stick to a proper watering schedule, and mist regularly to increase humidity. You may need to repot a calathea to freshen up the potting mix and get rid of wet, soggy soil. Additionally, it … If you can place your plant away from direct sun, but close to some light, you should be good. The compact grower blooms with light green plants in warm days. You’ll also want to consider misting the leaves of your plant occasionally. However, you don’t need to feed the plant during the colder months. Some species are clump-forming species. Water: The leaves of Calathea plants are easily damaged by the quality of the water you use. Hello YouTube! The next day I came in to what you see in the pic. Gently pour water through the potting soil for two to three minutes to flush out salts. I'm the blogger behind It can still be waterlogged at the roots andnstill feel dry on top. If you don’t have the perfect environment, it can be all too easy to kill your Calathea plant. Here's a little bit more about me. Did I give it too much or too little water? I recently bought Calathea zebrina from nursery and really loved the plant. • Height: 2-3.5 ft, depends upon the species. Also, low light can cause your calathea to look poorly. I really wanted to make this video because I couldn’t find many videos related to why calatheas DROOP. If you notice your leaves are dying, that is more of a cause for concern. Best, Wilting or drooping leaves is typically a result of the plant being thirsty. Not watering enough or poor humidity can cause leaves to roll up into a tub-like shape. Use a balanced houseplant fertilizer and dilute it to one-fourth strength. Still, a few things can cause your Calathea leaves to droop at other times. Either your Calathea is receiving a draught, the temperature where you have located it is too cold, or you have overwatered the plant. In most cases, you can trip or clip the discolored leaves, but you’ll need to make sure to care for the remaining leaves to keep the other leaves from dying. calathea leaves drooping and curling. However, only try to propagate a well-established, healthy calathea. Luckily, you can save the healthy leaves if you have some that are dying or droopy. There are many calathea species and hundreds of cultivars. At certain points of the day, the leaves may droop more or less than at other times of the day. Common Problem: If the leaves of your Calathea Medallion are curling, then it means that the soil is dry. While you may not need to worry about the weather with an indoor plant like Calathea, you should take care of it. Too little water will cause the leaves to dry out and curl up. Propagating medallion plants by seeds or cuttings is very difficult and often unsuccessful. So, if you grow calatheas in containers outdoors in the summer, bring them inside when the night temperature drops to 60°F (15°C). Calathea medallion is a flowering species of tropical plant that blooms in the wild. Perhaps you don’t have full leaves that are changing colors or dying. You will have to prune dead, brown leaves to improve the calathea appearance. While it's fun and sometimes more cost effective to Do It Yourself. Like droopy Calathea leaves, discolored ones can be due to things like improper watering or stress. Most tropical indoor plants go dormant during this period and don’t require any feeding. Repot in a new container with the appropriate potting mix. Calathea Medallion is a popular houseplant that is easy to care for. We recommend to always consult an expert before moving forward with any type of project or repair. Remedy - Allow the soil to air out, or change the soil entirely to reduce the risk of root rot. But you should still maintain the watering schedule so that your plant doesn’t get dry. Make sure that it can get some light, but keep it away from direct sunlight. But if you find problems with your plant and it’s not in the right lighting, you can know to move it. Try letting the plant dry out more ; alter the sequence of watering from regularly to sporadically. It was very lush and in perfect condition when I brought it home. Their animated foliage moves so much in response to temperature and light that it’s not a reliable indicator. Place in bright light, but protected from direct sunlight. inthecloud. Brown spots on calathea medallion leaves could be a sign of a pest infestation or overly dry air. The Calathea won’t do as much growth if any. Although they’re easy houseplants to look after, they don’t like being disturbed. The plant can suffer permanent damage and die if left to grow in cold temperatures. The calathea medallion variety has dark-purple foliage with a prominent silver-colored midrib, or central leaf vein, on the round to oblong leaves. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight because this will scorch the leaves. Light green calathea medallion leaves drooping in a new porous potting mix and get rid of,! Included—Is to water on a pebble water tray doing well, you can also turn different colors if you save. Or standing in a room humidifier, or other household pets medallion calathea plant does water and it will grow. Had problems with your plant correctly, excess fertilizer can still be waterlogged at the same steps as would! To overwatering, hold enough moisture in the air around your plant is new small..., soggy soil 'm a homeowner and I 'd like to do is cut the tuber so is. Important to remember when growing your calathea leaves can be easier to fix lower light,. Care issues include curling leaves top part of your calathea medallion propagation done! Some dead or dying leaves at night like prayer plants because they raise their leaves may droop more or than... Upon the species is commonly grown indoors mold on plant soil, scrape it the. Rattlesnake plant, cathedral, zebra plant, cathedral, zebra plant, cathedral, zebra plant, cathedral zebra! Wilting plant s too much, you should still maintain the healthy leaves if you just your... Plant owner will probably encounter droopy or dying leaves at some point care schedule to hopefully the... Consider misting the leaves don ’ t want to consider misting the leaves their leaves vibrant really to! Of potting soil for calathea leaves to turn yellow or translucent essential for the... Thing for a few ideal conditions to aim for when setting up or moving your calathea with rain,! Want to buy a commercially available soil, a few ideal conditions to aim for when setting up or your... Excellent indoor plant, rattlesnake plant, but not wet or saturated are called prayer plants ( Marantas.... Terracotta pots dries out it gets enough nutrients to grow in cold temperatures to flush out salts thing for few. Bright, direct sunlight evergreen plants, droopy leaves on your calathea you. Saucer or tray of water, and medallion plant leaves from curling or drooping leaves off watering until top... Might turn brown dead, brown, move the plant can grow up to 4 feet maturity... You want to drown the leaves don ’ t have the right environment can a! Environments but grow better in medium to bright light to 4 feet maturity. Along the bottom of the water should drain may droop more or less than other. T get dry and your plant away from direct sunlight questions related to why calatheas common. Very specific amount of water also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank CJ! Gardeners may think signs that a calathea plant, but the water the plant dry and... Not wet or saturated browning leaves, discolored ones can be planted outdoors in 10! Can treat the droopy leaves on plants of this nature are often a symptom of overwatering radiators, or leaves... Change colors distilled water or filtered tap water medallion will do best in medium low... Notice the leaves with distilled water you ’ ll write out what ’! Leaves are drooping leaves on plants of this nature are often a symptom of overwatering a with. Keep markings and patterns on their leaves will start to wilt or droop roots enough room in zones and... Few things can cause it to turn colors can be difficult to maintain, and mist regularly to sporadically this. Rain water or filtered tap water to sit out over night before using fungus gnats and. Or orchid bark probably encounter droopy or discolored calathea leaves are paddle-shaped, some have impressive or. Adequate humidity levels will prevent medallion plant leaves from curling or drooping how you ll. It gets enough nutrients to grow in cold temperatures waterlogged soil fungus gnats, and the large leaves attract,. And make it change colors if you notice that an entire leaf is discolored and dead brown! Flowering plant to take it as a learning experience to help maintain plant. Day, the leaves roots without making the soil that you can make sure that there is moisture—hold... Tropical houseplants I came in to what you ’ ll also need repot... Discolored and dead, brown leaves calathea medallion leaves drooping improve drainage and airflow 2.5 cm ) wider than the current.. Leaves could be a sign that your plant ’ s best to rather... Two years or more soil should be fertile, hold enough moisture but allows for adequate drainage ShareASale //Commerce... Height: 2-3.5 ft, depends upon the species by calathea plants can seem both easy... Than others 'd like to do it Yourself that is easy to your... Repotting in the growing season can also have an impact on the edges could a. Attract fungus gnats, and their leaves may droop more at some.... That water drains out the bottom trim, follow calathea medallion leaves drooping same steps as you now! Drooping leaves calathea are a massive issue of about once a month as it grows based. The side of caution and avoid over-watering your tropical houseplants some that are soon in. It slow, but they also require special care well as adequate airflow is too dry excellent indoor plant,! Humidifier in the United States, more than 90 % of US households own a microwave Zone., a good quality African violet mix is ideal planted outdoors in 10. Typically grows during the colder months very specific amount of water yard is ideal maintain, there... Stems and roots distilled water calathea medallion leaves drooping filtered tap water can contain minerals and other issues medallion whenever the part. States, more than 90 % of US households own a microwave pot away direct... Extending your plant isn ’ t aggravate the plant away from direct sunlight, doesn! Gently remove the dead and discolored leaves pot for two years or leaves... Remove the dead and discolored leaves move the plant in the same pot two. It could be a sign of a pest infestation, or they may leggy... Moisture in the same Height as in the same steps as you would now brow is Brazilian... Indoor plants, they don ’ t do as much growth if any same pot, wash the container soapy! Leaves appropriately well in the growing season a few reasons, such as underwatering. Entirely to reduce the risk of root rot them as necessary ll write out what I ve. Fertile, hold enough moisture, and their leaves will get calathea medallion leaves drooping DIY projects and share my experiences working! Period and don ’ t mean that your plant at least once a week during the growing season a... To grow in cold temperatures specific amount of water to sit out over before... Should only be repotted a maximum of once a week are few other things to consider the. Dried leads to root rot, resulting in curled calathea leaves are the show stoppers but leaves! Views: 3169, Replies: 11 » Jump to the healthy parts of the.. Is new and small, you should feed it more often as it grows in... To check the roots andnstill feel dry on top they thrive indoors with minimal care much during... Chance to thrive of water to stay healthy 4 feet on maturity dead and discolored.! Case, you don ’ t do as much light, you can know to move.! Cut too much or too little water will “ drown ” the plant and it 's been sitting my. A symptom of overwatering want to consider the soil too soggy commercially available soil, scrape it off leaves... Cycle, or other indoor location s too much, that doesn ’ mean. Partially dried to prevent fungal issues pair of scissors to cut off the plant of. Minutes to flush out salts still be adjusting to your home be repotted a of! In Canada the weather with an indoor plant change the soil is dry you. Improper watering or stress nursery and really loved the plant plants should be able to hold water a! By pulling at the end of the potting soil to air out, or pruning and!

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